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Liola Technologies was founded in 2010 by a team of experts in mathematics, algorithms writing, manufacturing operation and software development. The team designed and developed a technology, product and go to market breakthrough that enables complex manufacturing to optimize their production plans and achieve dramatically increased  throughput. Liola’s Exponential product is based on a breakthrough in optimization algorithms that combine a new mathematical approach with deep domain knowledge and specific characteristics of complex production lines. Liola Products deliver truly global operation optimization, finding an optimal solution, yet without attempting to run through all possible paths.

Liola’s Exponential products help users resolve complex manufacturing scenarios within minutes up to a few hours. Liola products provide companies with plan-ahead tools and on-line supply and operations and events solving capabilities. These capabilities enable globally spread companies to set their manufacturing plans, meet demand, respond quickly to events and increase sales volumes.

With Liola products, companies can generate effective production plans and react to dynamic demands or operational events in very short response times. Thus a company would manufacture the right amount of each product, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce operational cost, and increase sales.

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