Liola brings the first tools for building an
optimized manufacturing work plan

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The Electronic Assembly Industry supplies products to a diverse number of markets like, : Automotive, Defense & Aerospace, Medical and Homeland Security markets for all Electronic Manufacturing Services, PCB Assembly, Electronic Assembly, Box Build, PCB Prototypes,  and other Circuit Board Assembly Services or sub-systems integration.

Due to the nature of the operation  the electronics assembly industry requires a dynamic planning and scheduling system that can accommodate new orders in the manufacturing line (without affecting previous commitments) and utilize resources optimally at minimal cost to overall operations.

Liola Technologies has developed a special tools for this purpose that respond to all    Electronics Manufacturing operation requirements, making orders scheduling an easy job. These systems also allow testing various scenarios and give a few options for order supply (CSD).


Liola has several flexible business models. One of these models is the OaaS. In this model Liola employs a SaaS optimization to the semiconductor market for the first time. Instead of expensive, complex software systems, Liola sells optimization runs of the system over the Internet. Customers may start by purchasing a single run, which acts as a paid trial (POC). For customers that want to acquire the product or contract it as a SaaS service, Liola provides on-site solution. Using this approach, Liola has successfully implemented its product in leading semiconductor manufacturers.

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