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Fab Operation

A typical semiconductor fab presents an extremely expensive and highly complex operation, manufacturing many hundreds of different products — upwards of 100,000 units — in the production line at any single point in time. With a huge investment on one hand, and financial opportunity on the other, semiconductor manufacturers are always looking for ways to optimize production to increase throughput. However, the extreme complexity of these production lines and their specific characteristics have challenged developers of optimization solutions for more than a decade, with only limited progress in recent years.

The optimization of a semiconductor fab is an exponential mathematical problem. Analyzing all the different optional paths would take more days than the number of atoms in the universe. Due to the intractability of this combinatorial problem, all existing solutions are based on constrained heuristic rules that only deliver suboptimal results due to their simplistic approach.


Liola has several flexible business models. One of these models is the OaaS. In this model Liola employs  SaaS optimization to the semiconductor market for the first time. Instead of expensive, complex software systems, Liola sells optimization runs of the system over the Internet. Customers may start by purchasing a single run, which acts as a paid trial (POC). For customers that want to acquire the product or contract it as a SaaS service, Liola provides on-site solution. Using this approach, Liola has successfully implemented its product in leading semiconductor manufacturers.

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