Liola’s eX Ponential Suite
works online and performs automatic data updates and downloads.

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  • Generate optimized work-plan and build plan applying unique mathematical algorithms
  • Recommended product mix for optimized production weeks ahead
  • Fast accommodation of demands and capacity

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Fabless-Systems Manufacturing Scheduling

  • Best order’s schedule based on inventory, capacity and more
  • Delivers optimized customers supply dates (CSD)
  • Provides optimized build plans and simulation option

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  • Best predict supply, WIP and fab performance based on simulation
  • Highly flexible “what if” scenario setting
  • Simulation of long list variety of scenarios

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Daily Management

  • Generate highly efficient shift work-plans at maximal detail, addressing all significant production factors
  • Optimized detailed, Shiftily based run, line management plan
  • Best supply prediction and goals setting based on detailed simulation and optimization
  • Atisfying segment-goals by inter-segment flows

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Parameter Learning Machine

  • Realistic predictions of production parameters based on historical line images

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