Liola’s eX Ponential Suite
can be run daily on-demand  in parallel to standard operation.

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Liola eXPonential  Manufacturing Optimizer Technology

eX Maths:  Execute algorithms to find the best solution using optimization, simulation and combinatory mathematics to supply optimal plans.

Liola’s eX Maths mathematical algorithm delivers truly global operation optimization, without attempting to run through all possible paths. This is the result of over 25 years of research in applied mathematical theory and the development of specific algorithms for the domain of operation optimization. The solution discovered by Liola can be proven to be the global optimum,  which means that there is no better solution. In contrast, existing tools are based on goal seeking, which means sequential improvement,  which may only lead to local optimization. Using Liola’s mathematics , the difference in line utilization, throughput reduction and cost reduction is dramatic.

  • Based on a different mathematical approach for true optimization vs. existing goal-seeking sequential improvement methods
  • Apply numerous algorithms (Liola’s and others) to optimize the performance and output in the above structure
  • Sophisticated transformation of millions of model parameters into structure parameters
  • Unique representation of all components, relations and processes of the manufacturing line usinga proprietary, very large, complex mathematical structure
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